What’s Next?

After the phenomenal success of the world premiere run of Enter Love: A Musical For Our Times (every show sold out) it’s probably not very surprising that the Lafayette run is not the last the world has seen of these characters and their songs.

So what is next? Let’s just say if you weren’t able to get tickets to this show, you will have more opportunities. When? Where? We’ll be posting more information here on this site as the details get ironed out.

Anywhere and everywhere Enter Love goes after this was made possible by the success of this world premiere. Naturally the success is due in part to the cast, musicians, technicians, and patrons that helped put this show on the stage – but all that effort by itself isn’t enough to make a hit.

This success is as much because of everyone who came to see the show, did a press story, talked to your friends about it, ordered a CD/DVD, and visited this website. :)

Thank You!

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