Lynn Lupold

Interview with Lynn – Part 1

How long have you been working on this music?
The oldest song written in the show was written in 2006. Most of the songs have come in varied years since that time. There were however 9 songs that were new……5 of them written specifically for the musical version of Enter Love.

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Stage Door

How Enter Love Began

Here’s a quick little video segment taken from one of the first rehearsals of Enter Love where Lynn explains how this whole thing got started. It’s amazing how much has happened in just the few short months since this was filmed.

Empty Stage

Remember this diddy?

Hard to believe it’s been a month since Enter Love was performed in front of a live audience. Here’s a video of the opening number, Babbling Voices, in its entirety. If you haven’t ordered your DVD yet, you can right here.

IMG_6552.JPG-debriefing meeting

We’re making Enter Love even better

Now that we’ve had a chance to see the show on stage, we’re sanding down the rough edges and adding a little polish. Don’t worry, the songs and characters that you love are still there. The production team is just taking this opportunity to give the show a tune up.

If you’ve already seen the show there will be a few new wrinkles we think you’ll like. If you’re brand new to Enter Love, then we’ve made the music and the story even easier to fall in love with.

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Want to be notified when new shows of Enter Love are announced?

We’ve already hinted that more productions of Enter Love are in the works. Want to receive an email when the details become available? Just let us know where you want us to send the update below:

Empty Stage

No rest for the weary… and we love it!

Whew! We’re still catching our breath from a fantastic summer that led up to a great run in August. Lafayette was a fantastic place to premiere this show. Everyone had a blast.

So we took a few weeks off to enjoy our success, but now we’re getting excited about where Enter Love is headed next. We’ve already begun meeting to talk about what we’ve learned from our first run and how we can add some tweaks here and there to make the show even better.

As the details about future performances of Enter Love get nailed down, you’ll find them here. You won’t want to miss it.


What’s Next?

After the phenomenal success of the world premiere run of Enter Love: A Musical For Our Times (every show sold out) it’s probably not very surprising that the Lafayette run is not the last the world has seen of these characters and their songs.

So what is next? Let’s just say if you weren’t able to get tickets to this show, you will have more opportunities. When? Where? We’ll be posting more information here on this site as the details get ironed out.

Anywhere and everywhere Enter Love goes after this was made possible by the success of this world premiere. Naturally the success is due in part to the cast, musicians, technicians, and patrons that helped put this show on the stage – but all that effort by itself isn’t enough to make a hit.

This success is as much because of everyone who came to see the show, did a press story, talked to your friends about it, ordered a CD/DVD, and visited this website. :)

Thank You!


Extra chance to catch the show

After the show yesterday, we were scratching our heads trying to figure out what to do about all the people that wanted to see the show, but weren’t able to get tickets. We had sold every ticket for the entire run of the show before opening night!

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Enter Love CD and DVD available for preorder

The entire run of Enter Love was sold out before opening night. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the show live, we are going to have CDs and DVDs available.

Much like every other aspect of this show, we’ve been fortunate to attract incredibly talented people to help bring our ideas to life. The Lodge is coming in to town to record the CD, and JacKlink Productions will be editing together the best angles from all performances and adding in documentary footage to create the DVD.

You can order the CD for $10, the DVD for $20, or both together for $25. Full details over at the order page.

Don Seybold

Meet Don Seybold (Book)

This week will be counting down the final days to opening night by reposting the profiles of the creators of this production of Enter Love.

Don has degrees in English from IU [Bloomington]. He has taught HS English, was the Associate Director of the IU English Curriculum Study Center [68-71], taught American Lit, literary theory, creative writing, among other courses, in the English Department at Purdue, full-time from 71-78, part-time after he joined the Convocations Department in ’79, where he served for 26 years as Associate Director. He began teaching Jazz History at Purdue in1999 and continues to do that each semester. He has hosted jazz radio programs at various stations in Lafayette since1987, currently he can be heard on WBAA AM920, Purdue’s NPR affiliate, on Sunday evenings.

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