Lynn Lupold

Meet Lynn Lupold (Music & Lyrics)

Lynn Lupold (Composer, Lyricist and Co-Director) has been involved in music for over 30 years as an arranger, composer and educator. Although her career began as a saxophone player, Lynn later found the piano and her dream to write music and lyrics. Today, Lynn is the Executive Director of Red Boat Productions.

Lynn’s earlier compilation of songs for the CD, THIS TIME was well received and noted for its blend of easy listening, love songs, folk and musical theatre.

Recently, Lynn’s music found another venue as a successful cabaret performance as ENTER LOVE debuted to standing ovations at The Connoisseur Room in downtown Indianapolis. With her company, Red Boat Productions, Lynn has expanded ENTER LOVE to a musical theatre piece with the help of colleagues, Don Seybold (Book) and Eric Van Cleave (Musical Director and Arranger).

Lynn earned a Secondary Administrative degree from Harvard University and received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Applied Music Theory/Composition from Butler University. As an educator, Lynn worked as a Choral Director at both Noblesville and Lafayette Jefferson High Schools and was Principal of Lafayette Jefferson High School and Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis when she was name Principal of the Year in 2004.

Lynn continues to collaborate with former students most recently, Shannon Forsell and Deb Mullins, both original cast members of ENTER LOVE.

What’s your favorite musical that isn’t named Enter Love?

How old were you when you first performed?
5th grade

If your life was made into a movie, who would play you?
Stockard Channing

Who should host the Tony awards next year?
Robin Williams

Who’s your favorite performer?
Meryl Streep

2 responses to “Meet Lynn Lupold (Music & Lyrics)”

  1. Sara Miles says:

    So anxious to see this play. My nephew in law is going to be playing in the orchestra and my niece will be auditioning. We will have to come to Lafayette to see it.
    Sara Miles
    Topeka Kansas

    • Clay says:

      Sara, glad to hear we’re going to have someone in the audience from as far away as Topeka!

      Listening to what they’re telling me about the orchestra, I’m getting stoked to hear them play. I guess I’ll see your niece at the auditions on Saturday, too!

      Thanks for visiting the site.