Jaymes Osborne

Meet Jaymes Osborne (Chip, Tim, Leroy, Seth)

James Osborne is a Lafayette local who attends IT CC focusing on Radiology. He is no stranger to the arts and stage performing in shows such as Footloose, Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Children of Eden, A Raisin in the Sun and his most recent accomplishment of playing the Emcee in Cabaret.

He was involved in Bach Chorale Singers where his biggest feat was soloing alongside a Met Opera Council contestant and Black Voices of Inspiration at the Rock-A-My Soul concert. He hopes to continue his music and dancing works when he takes his life journey to the Windy City. :)

What’s your favorite musical that isn’t named Enter Love?
Well, I’m not the biggest musical buff, but my first musical I saw was Gypsy. I connected with Rent as any person under 30 would. 😛

How old were you when you first performed?
My first performance was in a middle school Christmas play at age 11. It was lots of fun, and that’s where I first learned the art of improv… not on purpose.

If your life was made into a movie, who would play you?
Well, there are quite a few people that could pull it off. Maybe Kyle Massey from That’s So Raven since we’re always compared.

Who should host the Tony awards next year?
Seriously? Kristen Chenoweth

Who’s your favorite performer?
I like too many to name!!! But I love the sound of the female voice. So probably Inva Mula, Maria Callas and Beyonce, of course. *giggle*

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