Deborah Mae Fights

Meet Deborah Mae Fights (Amy)

Debbie comes to us from Lafayette,IN. She is an alumni of Lafayette Jefferson High School and a recent graduate of Anderson University where she received her degree in Music Education. While at Anderson, participated in Boze Lyric Theatre productions. These credits include Into the Woods (Witch), Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz), 1940’s Radio Hour (Ann Collier), Almost Maine (Marci), and Albert Herring (Nancy).

Debbie is excited to be a part of this wonderful cast. The exciting process of learning and cultivating a new work has been inspiring and she hopes that audiences will also be inspired. Debbie would like to thank Lynn, Eric, Kenny and the rest of the production team for their ideas and hard work. A special thanks to my family, Matthew, and God, who has blessed me beyond words.

What’s your favorite musical that isn’t named Enter Love?
I have two favorite musicals (I can’t just pick 1)- Thoroughly Modern Millie and My Fair Lady

How old were you when you first performed?
I was probably 3 when I first performed. It was probably some church event. I guess I have been doing it since before I can remember

If your life was made into a movie, who would play you?
Well numerous people have said that I somewhat resemble Reese Witherspoon. I quite admire her as an actress, so I will have to say Reese. That would be pretty sweet!

Who should host the Tony awards next year?
hmmm…I would love it if Kristen Chenoweth hosted the Tony’s. I think everyone would laugh until they cried.

Who’s your favorite performer?
Bah! Such a hard question… I do love Kristen Chenoweth. Rene Fleming is an amazing actress and vocalist. I also think Justin Timberlake is a genuine entertainer. He can do pretty much anything! Is 3 okay? haha!

3 responses to “Meet Deborah Mae Fights (Amy)”

  1. Amanda Dunkle says:

    I love JT, too! He’s awesomely talented.

  2. Aaron Strand says:

    I’m gonna be honest… Justin is the prince of pop!!

  3. Clay Mabbitt says:

    I think I speak for Americans everywhere when I say Justin Timberlake is one of our most closely guarded national treasures.