Clay Mabbitt

Meet Clay Mabbitt (Frank)

Clay is tickled to be back on the Civic stage after more than a decade away. His wife is almost single-handedly raising their 20-month-old daughter during the months of July and August while rehearsals are happening. He is deeply grateful for the grace demonstrated by both of his ladies.

Clay is thrilled to be working with so many talented, familiar faces both on stage and behind the scenes. Adding in the amazing people he’s meeting for the first time with Enter Love, Clay is humbled to be involved in such an extraordinary group.

What’s your favorite musical that isn’t named Enter Love?
Pippin – and what sold me is the performance that crops up on TV from time to time with Ben Vereen and Chita Rivera.

How old were you when you first performed?
In third grade I played the role of Johnny in a play about the benefits of brushing your teeth. All the kids in white trash bags were playing my teeth, while the kids in black trash bags were playing bacteria. I’d love to tell you there was an epic battle scene, but this was third grade.

If your life was made into a movie, who would play you?
I want to be played by Cate Blanchett because I’m convinced she can pull off just about anything.

Who should host the Tony awards next year?
I’d be interested to see what Conan O’Brien could come up with.

Who’s your favorite performer?
Ryan Reynolds

2 responses to “Meet Clay Mabbitt (Frank)”

  1. Casey says:

    I was going to guess Cate!

  2. Clay Mabbitt says:

    Yeah, I get that a lot.