Lynn Lupold

Interview with Lynn – part 2

continued from part 1

Why is Enter Love a “musical for our times”?
In the show description, Don used that line to illustrate how life is different for most in this 21st century. People are always in motion and so are their lives. The airport makes that even clearer when thinking about people coming and going and the short lived periods that often exist in relationships. Now it isn’t unusual for individuals to have multiple relationships throughout their lives and many times it is based on the inability to stay focused and committed due to all of the pressures and stresses within their lives.

When you and Don disagreed about something in how the show was put together, how did you resolve it?
What a great question! I would say there were very few times when we worked together we disagreed. If there were any it usually occurred after the production got started. There were lines cut, others added, characters changed…..even now we are in the process of reducing the cast from 13 to 9….which is causing Don great stress…….Don sees the show from a more “book” perspective and I think I and Kenny see it more from a “series” perspective. This show is not the usual format for a musical. It is really a series of individual songs tied together with dialog from characters who in many cases have no connections to each other. The struggle now is to develop some of the characters a little more….still keeping them simple and not in a “format” and to let go of some of the characters who only briefly appeared. Not to speak for Don, but he still wants the extra people to add to the feeling of the airport scene. The bottom line reason for cutting characters is that the audience had a tough time figuring our who they should “rout” for and connect with and the size of cast often influences theatres from either doing a show or not based on budget for costumes, size of stage, etc. Short answer…..I think the challenges of maybe disagreeing may be more now than when we first started.

What are you working on next?
Another good question……..basically speaking we are working on still cleaning this one up. The score and the script are in revision processes now, the promotion of the show to other theatres is in the works, the development of a marketing plan to promote the show is in the works and finishing of the cd and dvd’s are being completed this month. If you ask Don, I think he has already started sketching out a8nother possible show scenario.

I will be thrilled if we can find another theatre or two in the Indy area to produce the show within the next year again, another one or two theatres outside of the state and have a plan for moving eastward within the next 3-5 years. Even though we have much success with this production in Lafayette, we still aren’t ready yet for the “big time”. We are making contacts, still asking for input, making adaptations and trying to make this a marketable and sellable show to theatres.

So what are we working on next……….finding the shortest route to NY!

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