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Free tickets to Enter Love and a gift card to Starbucks

Update: Congratulations to contest winner Justice Fuller.

We’re doing it again. We’re giving you a chance to win two tickets to see Enter Love on Sunday, August 15th. You won’t have any trouble waking up for the early matinée performance because we’re throwing in a $25 gift card to Starbucks.

It couldn’t be easier. Sign up at Twitter (it’s free and wildly popular) and post the following message:

Hey @enterlove! I want free tickets to see the musical #enterlove and free Starbucks. (Retweet by 7/22 to enter.)

That’s all there is to it. A winner will be selected at random from everyone who tweets this exact message between 7/19 and 7/22. (While your over on Twitter, don’t forget to follow us @enterlove.)

Terms and Conditions

We’re a simple, homegrown show doing some grassroots marketing, so we’re keeping the legal verbage as straight-forward as possible:

  1. Retweet as often as you like, but only one entry per Twitter account will be counted
  2. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash
  3. Cast and crew of the show aren’t eligible to win (friends and family members ARE ELIGIBLE)
  4. Although we’d love to have some folks in the audience from abroad, for legal reasons only residents of the U.S. are eligible to enter

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