The End of Act I

With tweaks to the show, plans being made about future performances, and a ton of behind the scenes work to take Enter Love farther along it’s journey we’re sort of at the end of the first act of Enter Love. What better way to celebrate that, than with this video of the song that closed the first act of the show: Ask Me Now.

Historic Monon Depot Theatre

The Original Lafayette TV Coverage

Lynn, Don, and the rest of the production team are doing a lot of work to nail down exactly when and where Enter Love is going to appear on stage again. We can’t share any of the developments… yet. To tide you over until we can announce dates and venues: here’s a walk down memory lane. This is the piece that Lafayette station WLFI ran when Enter Love held it’s world premiere back in August.

Stage Door

How Enter Love Began

Here’s a quick little video segment taken from one of the first rehearsals of Enter Love where Lynn explains how this whole thing got started. It’s amazing how much has happened in just the few short months since this was filmed.

Empty Stage

Remember this diddy?

Hard to believe it’s been a month since Enter Love was performed in front of a live audience. Here’s a video of the opening number, Babbling Voices, in its entirety. If you haven’t ordered your DVD yet, you can right here.

IMG_6552.JPG-debriefing meeting

We’re making Enter Love even better

Now that we’ve had a chance to see the show on stage, we’re sanding down the rough edges and adding a little polish. Don’t worry, the songs and characters that you love are still there. The production team is just taking this opportunity to give the show a tune up.

If you’ve already seen the show there will be a few new wrinkles we think you’ll like. If you’re brand new to Enter Love, then we’ve made the music and the story even easier to fall in love with.

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Empty Stage

Free tickets to the sold out show Opening Night

Update: Congratulations to contest winner Karen Demerly.

Opening night of Enter Love is sold out, but you still have a chance to get tickets. How you ask? It’s easy. Check out our promotional video over at YouTube and leave a comment right below the video. Yep, that’s all there is to it.

We’ve been including a little bonus along with each of our weekly contests, and this is no exception. The winner (chosen at random from the comments over on YouTube) will receive two tickets to this Friday’s show, free dinner at the Bistro in Lafayette, and tickets to a show at the Cabaret in Indianapolis.

That’s quite a bit of reward for spending five minutes over on YouTube.

A winner will be selected at random from all comments left before the end of the day on 8/12.

Terms and Conditions

We’re a simple, homegrown show doing some grassroots marketing, so we’re keeping the legal verbage as straight-forward as possible:

  1. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash
  2. Cast and crew of the show aren’t eligible to win (friends and family members ARE ELIGIBLE)
  3. Although we’d love to have some folks in the audience from abroad, for legal reasons only residents of the U.S. are eligible to enter

Video: Act I

The blocking for Act I is finished and Jack has a promo video for your delight and amusement.

A Tiny Glimpse of the Set Plan

Obviously we can’t show you the whole thing. You can get a lot of inside information on this blog, but we have to save some surprises for the show. What we can show you is this tiny preview of what’s being planned for a small part of the stage.

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Kenny at rehearsal

Photos From Rehearsal

We’ve up up a ton of photos from rehearsals over on our Facebook page. Here are a few teasers:

There’s plenty more photos over on our Facebook page.

Video: readthrough

Jack over at JacKlink Productions cut this great promo video for us as an introduction to the cast and an explanation of why Enter Love is unique to the Lafayette theatre scene.