The Red Boat Productions website is live

There’s a new source for all your Enter Love news. We’re going to be posting announcements about the show over at the Red Boat Productions website. What can you expect to see over there? Mostly updates about how the show is spreading like a virus and taking over the American musical theatre landscape.

Announcing the Red Boat Board of Directors

We just realized that we never made any formal announcement about Red Boat’s Board of Directors. These folks bring together a wide range of talents, contacts, and expertise – which they are applying toward getting Enter Love back on stage in front of more audiences. All of them are committed to expanding Red Boat, and of course all are big fans of this show.

Reni Adamczyk – Legal Council and Adviser, Indianapolis, IN

Brian Atkinson – Graphic Artist and Consultant, Indianapolis, IN

Kimberly Crimmins – Valassis Sales & Marketing Services, Hinsdale, IL

Clay Mabbitt – Silver Square Marketing, Indianapolis, IN

Joy Seybold – Education Consultant-IUPUI-Indianapolis, IN

Ruell Fiant – Educator, formerly at College of Southern Nevada- Indianapolis, IN

David Forsell – President, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc-Indianapolis, IN

Jane Francischini – Education Consultant- Indianapolis, IN

Ron Hellems – Music Educator, Performer, Consultant- Muncie, IN

Julie Madison Jacoby – Performer, Consultant-West Orange, NJ

John Metzinger – Greater Lafayette City Bus, Manager of Development-Lafayette, IN

Deb Mullins – Jazz / blues performer- Indianapolis, IN

Matt Seybold – Consultant-University of California- Irvine, CA

Carolyn Trueblood – Education Consultant- Lafayette, IN

Harriett Whitmyer – Performer, Consultant-University of California Irvine-Costa Mesa, CA


2011 is almost here

Clearly 2010 was a breakout year for Enter Love. We had a world premiere that sold out every show before opening night. We met with excellent reviews. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback from industry professionals telling us this show has legs. In the months after our opening run we’ve continually attracted more and more talented people who want to support this production every day.

The kicker? Next year promises to be even more exciting. What can you expect to hear about?

  • more performances in more cities
  • more behind the scenes glimpses into how a show like this comes together
  • more special promotions
  • more Enter Love swag
  • and more insights from the creators of the show

A big thank you

Did you know Enter Love has a production company behind it? The name isn’t nearly as famous as Enter Love, but the organization responsible for producing the show is Red Boat Productions. Our advisory board met last week to discuss what’s going on with the show and what’s going to be happening in 2011.

As everyone was getting up to speed on all the happenings since the Lafayette run, we realized that we have a lot to be thankful for. Enter Love’s journey from the piano in Lynn’s home to the stage is far faster than any of us could have imagined. There’s every indication that the next year is going to be even wilder and faster.

All of that is possible because of the people that have touched this show. Too many people to ever name have played a part in breathing life into a few pieces of paper with notes and words on them, but know that if you are reading this than you are most certainly one of them.

From Lynn and all of us at Red Boat,



Something for everyone nice (or naughty) on your list

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be scratching your head wondering what to get a few people on your list. Admittedly we’re biased, but we think a CD or DVD of Enter Love is the perfect gift for the music lovers in your life.

The Lodge did the audio recording for the CD and JacKlink Productions shot and edited the performance video and special features on the DVD. At $10 for the CD and $20 for the DVD, these gifts are thoughtful, unique, and affordable. Full details over at the order page.


The End of Act I

With tweaks to the show, plans being made about future performances, and a ton of behind the scenes work to take Enter Love farther along it’s journey we’re sort of at the end of the first act of Enter Love. What better way to celebrate that, than with this video of the song that closed the first act of the show: Ask Me Now.

Historic Monon Depot Theatre

The Original Lafayette TV Coverage

Lynn, Don, and the rest of the production team are doing a lot of work to nail down exactly when and where Enter Love is going to appear on stage again. We can’t share any of the developments… yet. To tide you over until we can announce dates and venues: here’s a walk down memory lane. This is the piece that Lafayette station WLFI ran when Enter Love held it’s world premiere back in August.

Don Seybold

Interview with Don – part 2

continued from part 1

Are any of the characters based on real people?
In one sense all characters are based on real people, but I don’t write autobiographical material. In every character there are elements of people I’ve known, people I’ve observed, people I’ve read about, people I’ve imagined. And it is also probably the case that there is something of me in every character I create. I rather not even know what that might be in terms of Leroy and Joe Bob, for instance. Some events have analogues in my own experience but most don’t and they are never the accurate, factual depictions of a memoir or autobiography. Fiction is reality distorted into truth, Albee once said. My characters are amalgams and with their amalgamation comes the distortion that reveals a bit of truth.

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Don Seybold

Interview with Don – part 1

How did you and Lynn end up working together on this project?
Lynn invited me to come to the cabaret performance of the tunes in Indianapolis last fall. I went and not only enjoyed the performance, but was impressed with the quality and inventiveness of her work, both musically and lyrically. After the show, we spoke and I conveyed that to her. During the conversation I asked her what she planned to do with the material next and she said she wanted to rework some of it, maybe write a couple of new things, and then mount another cabaret performance. I asked her if she ever thought about making it into a full-fledged musical with a book and she said not really. She didn’t have the skills necessary to write the book. And as I recall, she then looked at me in that principal-ed way she does, and said, “Can You?” Of course, there was a challenge in her question, as I’ve learned is frequently the case with Lynn. And, as is the frequently the case with me, it is not my style to avoid such challenging directness, so I replied, “Hell yes, I can. I’m a writer.” She said, “Then go write something and let me see it.”

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Lynn Lupold

Interview with Lynn – part 2

continued from part 1

Why is Enter Love a “musical for our times”?
In the show description, Don used that line to illustrate how life is different for most in this 21st century. People are always in motion and so are their lives. The airport makes that even clearer when thinking about people coming and going and the short lived periods that often exist in relationships. Now it isn’t unusual for individuals to have multiple relationships throughout their lives and many times it is based on the inability to stay focused and committed due to all of the pressures and stresses within their lives.

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